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Technical Support to MoUD

IUT has been assisting the Ministry of Urban Development since its inception. The following assignments have been completed till date:


  • World Bank – DFID Capacity Building for Sustainable Urban Transport.
  • World Bank – GEF UNDP assisted – Sustainable Urban Transport
  • ADB-Component-I Integrated Urban Transport Strategy
  • ADB-Component II- Sub sector Measures; Component including road traffic management and urban rail and bus safety certificate and requirements
  • Task Force for setting up of Unified Metropolitan Transport Authority (UMTA)
  • Technical Advisory Committee for Enhancement of knowledge base on UT in India
  • Working Group for developing the approach for Urban Transport in the 11th FYP
  • Secretarial assistance by IUT to the committee on Mechanism for Safety Certification for Guided Mass Rapid Transit Systems (GUMTS)
  • Secretarial assistance by IUT to the Advisory Committee to review the Methodology and progress in the study on "Traffic & Transportation Policies and Strategies in Urban Areas” by Wilbursmith Associates


Some of the more important programs are listed below;
  • Training Program on Guidelines and Toolkits for Urban Transport Development in Medium Sized Cities in India at Goa, Hyderabad and Delhi
  • World Bank – DFID assisted sustainable Urban Transport Planning Project - Training of trainers programme at Ahmedabad, Chennai, Delhi & Hyderabad
  • Workshop on Unified Metropolitan Transport Authority at Bangalore
  • Workshop in Visakhapatnam on Unified Metropolitan Transport Authority at Visakhapatnam
  • One day specialized course on transportation Demand Management at New Delhi
  • Training Course on Management of Urban Bus Systems &Urban Transport to Select ‘Global Environment demonstration Cities of India’ under SUTP at Indore
  • National Consultation Workshops of the Working Group on Urban Transport of the National Transport Development Policy Committee held at Delhi & Bangalore.
  • Conducting an in-house training program for MRVC
  • Supporting organizations for holding of conferences/workshops (Terrapin on Metro rail and Indian Chamber of Commerce Kolkata on Urban Renewal and Transport)
  • Conference on I.T.S. & Sustainable Mobility under JnNURM Initiatives in India in association with AITS
  • Review Meeting/Workshop on the funding of buses for Urban Transport system under JnNURM and associated reforms held at VigyanBhawan, New Delhi.
  • Organization of Regional Workshops for Alternative Technologies in Public Transport
  • Organized 8 Workshops on BRT and linked topics in Ahmedabad, Indore, Jaipur and Pune, Delhi, Pune, Indore,
  • Meeting to review progress of BRTS in India at New Delhi.
  • Alternative Technologies for Public Transport at Delhi
  • Regional Workshop on Planning Urban Transport at Kolkata


  1. Draft report for the working group on urban transport for NTDPC
  2. Draft report for the working group on urban transport for 12th FYP
  3. Public Bicycle Sharing Tool kit
  4. Development of a tool to estimate carbon foot print of UT in a city.
  5. Kolkata tram; economics & scope for renovation
  6. Model for PPP in bus services
  7. Design Code for Urban Roads
  8. Report on status of UMTA
  9. UMI 11 proceedings
  10. UMI 12 proceedings
  11. Mid-term review of BRT projects
  12. DPR for setting up National urban transport information center


MOUD has initiated Sustainable Urban Transport Project (SUTP) with the support of Global Environment Facility (GEF) and UNDP and the World bank to facilitate the provision of urban transport infrastructure and services in a manner that is consistent with sustainable growth and the National Urban Transport Policy (NUTP).

IUT has been providing administrative support to the Project Management Unit set up for the SUTP project. The project preparation was completed on 31st December’2009. Project implementation has started. For the launch of this project, IUT organized two days workshop on 9th - 10th June 2010 at Vigyan Bhawan.

IUT is the Project Manager for the Capacity Building component of this project. The project is of 4 years duration. This involves organizing 3 consultancies for strengthening of IUT, one each to prepare a business plan for IUT; preparing training modules and training materials; and preparing toolkits and supervising their work

  • The 10 subject modules are; Sensitization, Institutional development, Financing and cost benefit analysis/ Fare fixation, Demand Assessment, Urban Transport Planning, Integrated Planning of Infrastructure, Public transport Modal Integration, Environment Issues, Contracting, and Operations & Traffic Management
  • The 11 toolkits are; Landuse Transport Integration, ITS for Traffic Management, Road Safety & Safety Audits, Demand Management, Finance and Financial Analysis, Urban Traffic System Design Evaluation, Environmental Analysis, Transport Demand Management, Public Transport Accessibility, Urban Road Capacity and Level of Service, and Social Impact Assessment
  • Organizing 21 National Validation workshops to validate all training material;
    • 10 training programs to train 100 trainers in 10 subject modules
    • Another 40 regular training programs (1000 trainees)
  • Recruitment of about 15 staff as per SUTP plan to strengthen IUT
  • Setting up the Knowledge cum data base center


Carrying out the appraisal of reports on urban transport under JnNURM and for projects funded by MoUD These include proposals for bus funding projects, City Mobility Plans (CMP), Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS), City Traffic and Transportation Study (CTTS), Non-Motorised Transport (NMT), metro rail etc. In addition several technical documents are sent by the Ministry for comments.